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Bio Profile

David Wang (PC ’18) is an Economics and Biomedical Engineering major. He is interested in how low-cost medical technologies can reduce health care access gaps in resource-limited communities. While in Uganda, David witnessed the lack of affordable health care solutions for marginalized populations. At Yale, David is heavily involved in PremieBreathe, a non-profit seeking to bring a low-cost neonatal respirator to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. He enjoys playing badminton and writing for the Yale Journal of Public Health in his spare time.

Bio Profile

Jillian Anderson (17) graduated magna cum laude from Colgate University in 2012 with a degree in international relations and Japanese. Her senior thesis focused on the relationship between US aid and NGO organizational capacity with a focus on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia. While at Colgate, Jillian also served as a delegate on the 63rd Japan-America Student Conference (JASC) and as the American Executive Committee Chair of the 64th JASC. After leading the 64th JASC, Jillian joined AmniSure International, a QIAGEN company, where she worked in business development for a women’s health product. During the acquisition period, Jillian became very interested in managing change in a multicultural environment. She also continued to volunteer with a variety of non-profits in the Greater Boston area. At Yale, Jillian is exploring the relationship between health and development and learning how to better manage multicultural operations in both the public and private sectors.