Our Work

Collectively, we currently work in 12 countries and US territories across 4 continents. We have longstanding projects in East Africa, the Pacific Islands, Peru, and China and in vulnerable communities in the United States.


NGN has three specific areas of expertise:


NGN faculty have led and participate in NCD-focused research that spans disciplines and methodologies. Our work is translational — moving between bench, bedside, communities, and systems. Our research support comes from both internal Yale institutes and external funding agencies such as National Institutes of Health.


Beyond campus, NGN faculty are active and vocal advocates. We publish blog entries and opinion papers; we work with leaders in key Ministry of Health offices; we partner with Community-based Organizations and civil society groups; we are in leadership positions in regional and global NCD advocacy networks.


NGN faculty direct multiple ongoing courses in global health at Yale, including the only course on global NCDs on campus, and are recognized leaders in medical education and global health ethics.