Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases

Welcome to the Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases (NGN- pronounced “engine”).

We are next generation investigators — junior Yale faculty who have joined together to form a transdisciplinary, collaborative, on-campus network that addresses the global scourge of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Our work in research, advocacy, policy, implementation, and education spans cultures and communities across the world- from here in New Haven to Asia, the Pacific Islands, and East Africa.

Why have we come together? Because we believe that we can do more together than alone. We believe that we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference. We believe that academics working in silos will be less impactful than those working in collaborative teams.

Our approach is translational. We integrate insights from biomedicine to individual patients to populations at risk. We move from molecule to mankind and vice versa.

We are guided by the world’s commitment to reach a 25% reduction in avoidable deaths due to NCDs by 2025 (known as “25 x 25”). We hope that our work impacts communities around the globe in realizing this goal. And we hope that NGN serves as a model for effective, cross-campus, transdisciplinary work at Yale and beyond.